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Cat 'n Jimmy are the acoustic rock duo of Cat Ellis (Vocals) and Jimmy Minute (guitar). Ellis and Minute met at an open mic night in Bristol, RI in May of 2021, and the duo have been lighting the Southeastern New England music scene on fire ever since.

Cat 'n Jimmy perform both covers and originals. Their classic rock, modern rock, and rock-country covers span from the 1970s through today's hits. Their original songs like, "Loved You a Little More" and "Take a Chance" have quickly become fan favorites. You can check those originals out here and listen to the covers here. 

Whether you are looking for entertainment for your pub or private party, Cat 'n Jimmy will rock it.

Cat Ellis - Vocals

Cat Ellis is a singer/songwriter known for her smokey, powerful voice. Cat has been a musician nearly her entire life ranging from piano, viola, voice, and guitar. Cat eventually pivoted to focus on vocals after an injury prevented her from continuing her orchestra career. 

Jimmy Minute - Guitar

Jimmy Minute is a seasoned pro. Also a life-long musician, Jimmy started out on drums. He eventually focused on guitar and has been rocking it ever since. Jimmy has played in a number of bands, including the popular punk band, The Jesse Minute. He's rocking an acoustic guitar these days, as well as recording Cat 'n Jimmy originals in his studio.

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